Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR endpoint platform increase visibility, detection and prevention. Secure your endpoints with threat intelligence and EDR technology combined with services from our team of security specialist to monitor your environment and proactively defend your assets. The EDR solution uses lightweight, discreet monitoring tools designed to be deployed on all relevant Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers within your organization. Sensors are custom-configured for each organization and are easily deployed using standard IT remote administration tools. These components collect behavioral data from endpoint devices using well-documented mechanisms and are specifically designed to withstand attacks from adversaries. The sensors are data collectors, requiring very little maintenance.

The EDR console provides a visual layout of affected systems and a timeline of the breach steps to track anomalies, capture trends and detect threats or Advanced Attack Techniques.

Lightweight multi-engine agent

Minimizes configuration and maximizes detection and blocking with a single agent with four detection engines.

Endpoint protection

Delivers integrated malware protection with antivirus (AV) defenses, remediation, behavior analytics and intelligence.

Enterprise security search

Allows to rapidly find and illuminate suspicious activity and threats.

Endpoint detection and response

Analyzes and responds to threats in a single integrated workflow.

Triage and audit viewer

Provides exhaustive inspection and analysis of threats.

Easy-to-understand interface

Enables fast interpretation and response to any suspicious endpoint activity.

You Can’t Investigate What You Can’t See. And it’s next to impossible to secure what you can’t investigate.

Enterprise networks are dynamic and complex, making it easy for attackers to obfuscate their tracks once inside. As networks grow and expand, it becomes increasingly difficult for security teams to know that network controls are working and alerts and incidents are being effectively validated and responded to. When all activity is recorded, attackers can no longer hide.

Improve Incident Investigation and Response

When investigating an incident, how does the response team understand the nature and extent of the compromise? What other systems has the attacker likely touched, and where is the attacker now?
The EDR Tool provides the enhanced capability needed to trace attacker trails and answer these critical questions. By doing so, the response team greatly improves their ability to quarantine and expel the attacker.

Accelerate Alert Triage and Identification of Malicious Activity

Network analytics tools are effective at catching malicious activity. However, they often lack enough contextual information security analysts need to quickly validate alerts and execute effective responses. EDR adds context by providing a complete record of hosts activity that can be quickly sorted, filtered, and viewed. The security analyst can quickly investigate on suspicious activity that validates the alert, and therefore accelerates the identification of malicious activity.

EDR solution benefits:

- Increased alerting accuracy supports reduction in false positives
- Comprehensive visualization of advanced malicious operation
- Near real-time visibility from silent sensors
- Advanced protection through machine learning and behavioral analytics
- Analyst action plan to enable rapid remediation